Managing Your Money

Your spending patterns as a student (particularly if you’re living away from home) may differ from what they have been up to now. So if you plan ahead and are realistic about your budget, you shouldn’t have any problems striking a balance between work and play. Our budget planner should give you an idea of some of the costs you can expect to encounter in your first year – you will, however, need to look at your own personal spending style in order to make more accurate budget estimates.

Budget Planner


We estimate £115 per week during the academic year.  Approximately £380 per month during the academic year for half board. 

Our first-year students have priority in our residential accommodation (on site) subject to availability.  Costs include half board and all energy, water and internet connection.

Food and Drink

We estimate about £100 per month during the academic year on top of your accommodation charges

Don’t forget, even if you have half board accommodation, you will still need some funds for other meals and snacks and drinks during the academic year.


Depending on where you live, you may need to budget for public transport to travel around the area or to put petrol in your car. 

Don’t forget the cost of travelling home and back to Hadlow at the end of each term.  Why not budget for £25 a month?


Costs will vary depending on your own personal tastes, how much shopping you do, and where you shop!

If you are living away from home, you'll need to provide all your own toiletries and cleaning stuff!  Don't forget to budget so why not set aside £60 per month?

Social Life

Your busy social life is an important part of university life, so don't forget to budget for it.

How much you actually spend will depend on you, but don't forget to budget for this when you work out your expenses.  We estimate up to £100 a month for socialising, but of course this depends very much on you and how you chose to spend you free time.

Mobile Phone Charges

The amount you spend will depend on how much talking and texting you do!

We would estimate a contract for a mobile phone at approximately £30 per month.  Be sensible with your phone and any downloads - the costs can add up if you are not careful.

TV Licence and Insurance

In Hadlow accommodation, contents insurance is not included in your rent, so its important that you insure your personal belonging and any items of particular value that you bring with you (laptops, tablets or jewellery for example). 

Why not budget £20 a month for this?


You should budget for occasional expenses such as haircuts, gifts and medical or dental costs. £25 per month could be put aside for this.

If you decide to have a television in your room, you are required to have a television licence.  You can pay by direct debit approximately £13 per month.